Naturally Fermented, Probiotic Honey Lemonade

We all know that lemons offer so many health benefits. And when it comes to fermented lemons, they offer more benefits.

Salted lemons can be fermented and used in many recipes, salads and even juices. In order to try it out, you will need a few lemons, some salt and a jar to store them. Slit a lemon first without cutting it into two pieces. Place a pinch of salt in the slit and press it a bit. Do it for other lemons too. Take a jar and sprinkle a teaspoon of salt in it. Now, place all the lemons that are slit in the jar.

Place it in the refrigerator. Use it whenever you want before 3 months. Now, let us know about their health benefits.

Benefit #1 Fermented foods have probiotics. They are good for digestion. Also, fermentation preserves the food and prolongs the shelf period of the lemons.

Benefit #2 The reason behind the good health of our ancestors is reasonable intake of fermented foods.

Benefit #3 The process of fermentation can raise the nutritional value of the lemons. The content of the vitamins increases after fermentation.

Benefit #4 Fermented foods feed the healthy bacteria in our bodies and also digest easily.

Benefit #5 Some studies claim that fermented foods are far more safer compared to eating raw veggies. Some raw foods contain bacteria known as E.coli. But fermented foods don’t have E.coli.

Benefit #6 Fermented foods contain lactic acid bacteria which kills other types of harmful bacteria.

Benefit #7 Apart from lemons even some other vegetables and pickles are fermented in many parts of the world. And yes, they are healthy.



This naturally fermented lemonade soda is loaded with probiotics that give it its characteristic fizz and foam. A dryer soda, the lemonade is only slightly sweet and notes of honey play well with lemon. Serve it over ice, garnished with fresh lemon slices.


For the Lemonade Soda

6 cups water

1 cup honey

1 cup lemon juice

Flip-top Bottles


Warm the water in a saucepan over low heat, keeping it just warm enough to dissolve the honey – about 100 F. Whisk in the honey continuously until fully dissolved in the water. Turn off the heat, and remove the pot from the stove.

Whisk the lemon juice and whey into the honey water until fully incorporated.

Pour the lemonade through a narrow funnel into three flip-top bottles. Seal the bottles, and allow the lemonade to sit at room temperature to ferment at least four and up to seven days. You can open a bottle to check for fizziness and flavor, keeping in mind that the warmer your kitchen and the more time you allow the sourer and fizzier your soda will be.

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